custom covers

How To Order


Doing illustrations means having to create everything from scratch. Going from a blank canvas to a fully realized painting takes time. How much time? It depends on the complexity of the illustration. Painting a water drop is not the same as having to paint a whole sea.

This means that I can't give you an exact price unless I know what you want me to paint. If you have a particular cover in mind, feel free to contact me to ask for a quote. Don't forget to tell me the genre, whether it's an eBook or a paperback cover, and the general idea you have in mind.

Click here to ask for a quote.


Payment is done through Paypal and it can be done full upfront or 70%-30%. If you decide on the latter, then 70% is paid upfront, but the other 30% is only paid once you see the fully realized cover. Once you send the rest of the payment, I send you the full-resolution files. 



Factors that will affect the price:

- number of characters

- how much of the character is painted (waist-up or full body)

- how detailed the character is (do they wear a simple white dress or a super detailed gown with frills and pearls)

- complexity of the background​ 

eBook Covers

Typically 230-360 USD

+360 USD if the design includes multiple characters and/or a complex background.

Spine and Back Cover

The added spine and back cover is usually 70-90 USD, unless you want an illustrated back cover with characters and/or other complex elements, in this case, please ask for a quote.


When commissioning a paperback, you have the option to get an audiobook cover, hardback, and a dust jacket, each for an extra 25 USD. If you ask for the three versions, that will be 75 USD. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. :)